Fighting against the tides

photo by Eileen Mignoni

photo by Eileen Mignoni

Man, it’s been only 3 months, but really long ones.

On one side, I’m really happy to see my family and friends in regular basis but on the other it’s been so hard to make people realize the importance of multimedia usage.

There’s definitely a need for multimedia producers and they (the media industry)know they want multimedia producers, but they don’t know exactly what they want
or don’t want to make an extra step to actually implement multimedia in their newspapers/organizations.

Either they think it’s too difficult or too expensive or just the fact that most media industries are completely immersed in their journalistic routines that their work has become a routine. So every time I present an idea or project I feel like Sisyphus.

We take our time to investigate our client and prepare a proposal that’s perfectly tailored to their needs, thinking carefully about what media types and delivery mechanism we’ll use to present the idea to their costumers and by the minute we get to the presentation, the client decides that it would be to difficult to implement.
What the Hell?! Everything we present is thought on the premise that they won’t want to spend more money, so all the tools we think of are free, 2.0 kind of stuff.

So that’s how it is, we roll a huge rock up a hill and by the minute we are ready to put in in top of it, the client pushes it down…

But it’s fine. We keep pushing and pushing, eventually it’ll stay in its place. We just gotta keep pushing harder and harder ;)

Anyone want to lend a hand?