Students + Full on commitment + No other distractions = great results

There’s no way around it. There more I do it, the more it’s confirmed.
Project based classes are the best way for students to learn multimedia.

One full week, in the field. Gathering content, then editing. Having formal and informal meetings on their scripts and planning. That’s what we did in Valparaíso with my colleagues Sebastián González, Blas Parra and Luis Melgar.

With their help, we led 10 students – 7 Chileans and 3 Uruguayans – and helped them produce 11 stories in the port town where they managed to portray the character of the city and its inhabitants in an exquisitely simple Website (, programmed and designed by Eileen Mignoni.

Crónicas de Valparaíso

During this week, the evolution of the quality of their work is noticeable. Every day the students return with better results.
This full week compares to – and exceeds – the results that a student gets after a full year of instruction in regular classes.

Full on commitment + No other distractions = great results

Don’t tell my students, but my favorites are:

- A clock repairman stuck in time. La Condena de una Herencia
- A place story but not quite that. Tango, Amistad y Cinzano
- Beauty is in the details. Fragmentos
- A perfect portrait of one of Valparaiso’s longest lasting traditions. Adiós al Cerro
and the great photography in En la Caleta.

But please, explore the rest!
So enjoy and share the multimedia love!