Commercial Video Work – La Salud está en tus Manos

I read Clients from Hell a lot. It’s one of my default procrastination sites. It’s hilarious.

But, our clients are good. Really good. And often times they push us to make a better video than we knew we could, or that we hadn’t conceived of.

In this instance, Kimberly-Clark, the client, had a vision of a fast paced, timelapse type commute to work. MDB* the branding agency, with whom we worked on this, asked us to work on this video because I had shown them my Powering a Nation video, Down the Lines.

We made a mock-up on New Year’s Eve day using my brother Sam as the commuter. Nacho also made an appearance in the film. I’ll be honest – we kind of thought it was spot on.

The client wanted more. They wanted it faster, quicker paced, more like a music video. We wrote up a script, in collaboration with the client and the branding agency. The client did initially want to show the commuters with their families, but we cut that because of time and budget. If the video was to be short, the people couldn’t be dawdling in their houses making their kids breakfast and kissing them goodbye.

This collaboration on all aspects of the filming made our work better, undoubtedly. The client was able able to effectively communicate what they wanted, and we were able to put their vision (with ours) into this fun little video warning the viewers about the germ dangers of their city.

As far as we know, the video is being used internally, and as a piece to show to their clients to explain to them the benefits of implementing La Salud está en tus Manos, a system of sanitizer and cleansing products to keep work stations clean and workers healthy.

Fun behind the scenes fact (Stop – watch the video before reading) the female commuter had only driven about 5 times in her whole life. She was starting to try to learn, but there was a good deal of stalling and I had a terrifying drive around a Santiago block. Most of her driving shots are simulations.