Adobe Premiere: Pasting Effects

This week we turned in 4 video projects. In one project, we only had to subtitle 2 finished videos. In another, we staged office scenes, and integrated earlier office footage to tell the story of how a Kimberly-Clark product line can be implemented in an office for better health and productivity. And, finally, today, we turned in the first episode of Juego de Roles.

We used Final Cut Pro for the first 3 videos because they were short and simple and we do feel a kinship with the program. For the television program, we used Adobe Premiere 5.5. We’ll be upgrading to 6.0 soon. The show is 25 minutes long and we record between 60 and 100gb per episode. We don’t have the memory space to transcode it all.

We’re in Colombia right now. Nacho is teaching a workshop for lots of newspapers throughout the country. This week Bogota gets to learn from the Nacho. Tomorrow, the second Bogota group starts editing. So, we have 4 PC laptops sitting in our hotel room while Nacho looks for a version of Premiere that will work with Vista. (Another Premiere benefit – no one is bound to a Mac. Great for cash strapped newsrooms and journalists. Nacho wouldn’t be able to teach multimedia editing if he demanded Macs.)

As you can see we’re shifting toward Premiere. I’ve been moving toward it for a while. I learned it to coach a project with the Universidad de Desarrollo. At La Tercera, they gave me a hardy PC with Premiere. And now, with the Juego de Roles, Premiere makes life easier.

I’m seeing others slowly making the move. Given the disaster that Final Cut X is reputed to be, I expect to see more converts in the future.

There are little different things that can seem enormously frustrating, so here I’d like to explain a few time saving measures.

Today: pasting filters over many clips.

Nacho has read you can’t do this. He has read wrong.

Select the filter you want within the effects panel of the properly adjusted clip. You can select multiple filters or motion (which will give you all location and size aspects.) Hit command+c. Or you can right click, copy.

Select all of the clips on which you want to paste the effect.

Hit Command+V. You know you’ve done it correctly if the yellow bar, indicating a render preview changes to red, which means it needs to be rendered.

Listo. So easy.

The only way this doesn’t work is if you accidentally double click on the clip that needs the filter or effect and it gets opened in the display panel. In that case, you have to open the effects panel and paste the filter there, but that only works one at a time. You also can’t paste the attributes with a right click. That doesn’t work.

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